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My pieces of jewelry arise from the moment, inspired by daily encounters, life and my preference for textures and shapes that often occur in nature.

All pieces of jewelry are handcrafted and designed and made by me personally. They are made of 925 silver, some with 22k gold accents and real semi-precious stones.

The creations are mainly one-of-a-kind pieces - I want to convey the feeling of wearing something special and unique that underlines your personality and shows your individuality. 

I am fascinated by the reduced, the art of expressing a complex thing in a simple formal language.

The pieces of jewelry are timeless, some are fine and elegant, others are more crazy and extravagant. I design jewelry using different materials and techniques because I love diversity and discovering new things. And just as life is constantly changing, new creations are constantly emerging for me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Gabriela Fuchs

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